Our COVID-19 Solution

To keep employers, employees and the public safe in the "new normal" with a COVID Standard of Care and PR2A Compliance Training.

Protect your business

No matter what kind of business you have, you need specialized COVID-19 disinfection training. COVID-19 training will protect your business from potential litigation and insurance solutions. COVID-19 protections for businesses aren't the same for every industry. We've developed training programs for:

With our COVID-19 trainings for businesses, we've trained and certified our companies for compliance with OSHA, CDC and EPA guidelines. For more information on our COVID-19 trainings for businesses, email us today


To introduce the PR2A Standard of Care to all U.S. employers, building owners, employees, and the general public to reduce exposure and risk to COVID-19.


Ensure all companies in the Pathogen Response & Resource Alliance network get the education and hands on training needed to combat the exposure and spread of COVID-19.

Open doors safely

Open Your Doors Again Safely

Learn how to deploy COVID-19 protection for your Broussard, LA business

Keeping your doors open during this difficult time is a necessity. The mission of the Pathogen Response and Resource Alliance is to provide a standard of care for employers, building owners and employees to reduce exposure to and risk of COVID-19.

We'll equip you and your employees to be as safe as possible. Call 888-519-7722 now to schedule a FREE Consultation to learn about all COVID-19 disinfection classes available.

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