PR2 is excited to announce the launch of our newly created School Pathogen Training (SPT) Programs. The SPT was specifically designed to provide janitorial, custodial, facility/maintenance personnel, administrative staff and teachers the necessary training to maintain campuses at the highest hygiene level possible and to reduce the spread of infectious pathogens, including COVID-19 and the Delta, Lambda and Gamma variant.

We know schools are preparing to open schools soon, so we designed our 40 minute certification training that can be taken Online at any time for your staff's convenience (English and Spanish). Our training covers the following items:

  • Fundamentals of proper cleaning & disinfection techniques
  • Understanding High Touch Surfaces in Schools
  • Prioritizing time of cleaning classrooms
  • Basics of different cleaning chemicals
  • Health and Safety aspects

Our SPT training will not only comply with the requirements outlined in the American Rescue Act of 2021 that "requires pathogen infection training for all school staff to be trained on how to reduce infectious diseases", but will also help satisfy OSHA safety training for employees.

What type of school campuses should take the School Pathogen Training?
K-12 (public or private)
Charter or magnet schools
Boarding schools
Virtual/Online schools
Faith/Religious schools
Higher educational universities and colleges

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