Coronavirus Disinfection Protocol

A Coronavirus Disinfection Protocol (Protocol) should be developed with the intention to be used as a guidance document to assist PR2 certified contractors in the process of performing cleaning and disinfection services with the potential of having viral organisms, particularly those related to SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus). A Protocol should be prepared in response to information received about the client to reduce the potential exposure to workers, occupants and the public from being infected by COVID-19. A Protocol should been modified to address the subject site and the needs and expectations of the client. Professional judgement will be exercised in each situation by the contractor with input from all interested parties.

The client is responsible for the complete understanding of the circumstances surrounding a positive COVID-19 case or outbreak and evaluating the level of response needed. The client understands that after the cleaning and disinfection services are completed, the client will be responsible for maintaining the building at a reasonable level of cleanliness, including the implementation of new internal programs or processes. This protocol was developed based on references from various credible resources with the most recent industry accepted practices, procedures and technology readily available regarding coronavirus/COVID-19. Modifications to a building Protocol should be performed under the direction and oversight of a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) or similar credentialed professional to meet their desired outcome and expectations. A Protocol can be used in conjunction with existing site specific documents and plans already established for the client, including but not limited to, OSHA Compliance plans, emergency & safety plans, business continuity and contingency plans, etc.