Our Certification is specific to COVID-19. It is the only course designed by professionals maintaining the highest credentials in the industry such as a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH), Professional Engineer (PE), Licensed Contractor, IICRC Master Water & Fire certifications, and many more. You can choose individual certifications for your employees, or you choose one of the Packages, which also gives you access to a Pathogen Disinfection Protocol that can be downloaded and customized for your company and includes the following:

Section 1: Background with Table 1: Cleaning & Disinfection Matrix
Section 2: Disinfectants and Procedures
Section 3: Surfaces to be Cleaned (porous, non-porous, high touch points, etc.)
Section 4: Exposure Prevention
Section 5: PPE
Section 6: Monitoring and Verification Documentation

Utilizing a written disinfection protocol and obtaining your Coronavirus Training Certificate is not only considered the Standard of Care but will also reduce your overall liability when providing services related to coronavirus.


We also offer special packages for employees from the same company to take the training course. Gold level packages include five (5) employees and Silver level packages include three (3) employees. These packages also include a Pathogen Disinfection Protocol in Word format that can be customizable and used for your company at no additional cost. The 6pg Protocol was developed by a Certified Industrial Hygienist and includes sections corresponding to the sections covered in the course.

The training course was developed to be used in conjunction with the Protocol. Following a written disinfection protocol and obtaining a corresponding training certificate are very valuable and important in reducing the contractor's overall liability when providing services related to coronavirus.